Monday, 16 January 2012

Ale!! Sophienistas, Personakan wajah Anda dengan Sophie Paris Make up

Ale!! Sophienistas

Tahukah anda apakah cara mudah untuk mempersonakan lagi wajah anda Sophienistas. Ikuti video ini untuk mendapatkan tips mudah bersama Sophie Paris Makeup.

Di video Sophie Paris kosmetik ini, Anda akan mempelajari cara mempercantik mata Anda dengan bulu mata palsu. Pemakaian bulu mata palsu dengan tahap-tahap yang tepat akan membuat mata Anda semakin bersinar indah.

Di video yang ketiga ini, anda akan mempelajari cara mengenakan "Eyeshadow Efek 3 warna".
Sophie Paris akan menunjukkan cara untuk menyelahkan lagi mata Anda dengan cara yang sangat mudah.


Sekiranya you all rasa the tips in the video berguna, do help share it with your friends ya. Because I pasti ramai antara kawan-kawan kita tak tau basic element in make up. So lets Sophie Paris KL help you and your good friends expressing your true beauty with our little secrets. Like us in our fan page, there will be more tips on beauty and fashion will be shared to you. Dan jangan lepas peluang to our Sophie Paris catalogue mini fashion show  vent yang akan diadakan nanti. only by invitation only for beloved Sophienistas,
so if you want to be there become our members for life. Ale..Sophie Paris.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A new journey with Sophie Paris Malaysia begins

Is 3.oo am in the morning. Masih tak tidor lagi. Im working hard to make sure i give you guys the best info and the beauty of Sophie Paris Malaysia.

Ok, let me share a bit on my experience by attending the launching of Sophie Paris Malaysia. The event held somewhere in PJ, it was not a difficult place to find. If you know where is Amcorp Mall or the old A&W, im pretty sure you wont get lost punya...DV 8 pun dekat (old club hanky panky stuff)...huhu good old days...So i went there alone by myself, without knowing what to there i was.
My first impression, I thought I was the only Jantan there but I was wrong. There a few guys, some of them are from  the media, some suppliers and some new unregistered members. As for the venue, what can i say, if im a chick i will definitely be comfortable to be there or I might be blinded by pinkish color of the newly opening Sophie Paris boutique.

I was entertain by 5 lovely ladies. They all very friendly one..of course ma..who dont want business soon as I told them Im not a members yet and quickly assist me by giving the goody bag. What inside the pink bag...AHA...surprise..surprise...there a beautiful black pouch, a brochure, registration form and that it..What do you guys expect a gold ring?? :))

Few minutes later, after countless orange juice i drank (nasib baik tak mabuk), there were 2 makcik caught my attention. Talking in Indonesian language. So I transform myself to a friendly mode. I called both of them Ibuk..

Ed " Ibuk dari mana Buk"

she replied "Dari Jakarta"

Ed " Bikin apa di Malaysia Buk"

One of them replied " Kami di jemput ke mari untuk opening Sophie Paris Malaysia"
This time around i becoming more curious, and i asked her how long she been in the business, and she answer me, 6 years plus. Both of them got their own Sophie Paris outlet and saloon in Jakarta and thousand associate in Indonesia. Goodness, they both must be super rich kot. Why they came to KL, one of them told me the market Indonesia have reach almost tepu/ saturated because Sophie Paris has been over there for more than 16 years. Actually they were both invited by Sophie Paris Malaysia to share their achievement.

After a while, I left them both and went mingle with few others stranger.  Then, all of us were ushered to a big room with fancy design like a club for the Sophie Paris Malaysia opening ceremony.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Love is in the Air with Sophie Paris??

Today i have found a new love. It is almost love at first sight. God sent me this little beautiful thing called Sophie Paris , at first i have no idea who she was. It takes me a while for me to show interest on her. But that did not stop her to catch my attention. She been lying around in the house for quite sometimes and as usual i pretend i have no interest whatsoever while i malas-malas on my lazy long couch.

Few nights ago, i was watching my 42inch, (guys!!!) I got bored and I accidentally step on her. I guess she much been very tired to calling my name. So i pick her up and flip her thru...later guess what happened?? Guys please clean up your dirty mind !!! There were bunch of beautiful pretty ladies...and bags..and those bags caught my attention. Well in previous years Ladies handbags never caught my attention except for ladies shoes, and ladies shoes really shows the personality of the wearer. Whether she a sexy, dangerous, easy going or lazy. Sometime you can tell it by her pair of shoes "wink". Now let get back to those eye catching bags. I couldn't believed my eyes, their design fascinated me. And it amused me though whether im turning into queer guy or what :) but honestly i fell in love her once i get to know her.

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